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It is true they are provided with food and raiment, for which they neither toil nor spin; but health, liberty, and virtue, are given in exchange. She will be more estimable to him, than if she was learned: Women, weak women, are compared with angels; yet, a superiour order of beings should be supposed to possess more intellect than man; or, in what does their superiority consist? So, ho do e ead it? Enligt Freud var denna forntida handling upphovet till Oidipuskomplexet och det mänskliga samhället, den förvandlades till en arvsynd, som sublimerades och ritualiserades i form av religion. Gentle love, Draw forth thy wounding dart; Thou canst not pierce her heart; For I that do approve By sighs and tears more hot than are thy shafts Thy shafts did tempt while she, For scanty triumphs laughs.

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They may have come to the conclusion that they as in Archimedes´ fantasy have found the fixed point from which they might move the world.

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Lecture notes, lectures 1-8 - september lectures

As the hurricane's eye in this whirlwind of observations Freud placed his invented myth positioned in a distant past when a humanoid herd, like wild horses or buffaloes, roamed around led by an all-powerful alpha male, who surrounded himself with a harem of attractive females, who he begrudged any other male of his flock. According to traditional feminists, sex is a biological category; gender is a historical category. Fondness is a poor substitute for friendship! Du bör sluta upp att alltid se på dina egna funderingar som om de vore mindre värda på något vis. Like the beggar in Ephesus, Jesus was sacrificed for the people and by the people.

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